SAN MATEO (W. HILLSDALE) Braving the hills of San Mateo either via Hillsdale or CA-92 will lead you to Laurelwood Shopping Center, an outdoor mall amidst apartments, the College of San Mateo, and numerous offices. Hidden between this hustle and bustle is a prize to be discovered: the traditional Japanese neighborhood setting of Shiki Laurelwood. Forget the world outside and immerse yourself in simple Japanese culture with fine tables, decor, and prompt, courteous service. Only a stone's throw from fast food, discerning diners satiate their need for delectable cuisine in serene Japanese fashion at Shiki. Playing host to the business community and student populace for lunch and San Mateo residents for dinner, Shiki Laurelwood finds itself in unique position to serve both residents and commuters alike, leaving a lasting impression of splendor and satisfaction.